Best Cat Litter for Odour 2016

Don’t we love our cats? I know some people are allergic, but until you meet one of such people, you just can’t imagine how anybody would be able to resist that haughty fur piece of silk fur with a habit of crawling around your feet when you least expect it.

And forget the hype the cats are always aloof and cold hearted. Every cat lover knows that cats can be loving…when they want to be, that is.

It’s always a bit touch and go at the beginning between you and your cat, but in due time you both get to understand who between you is the boss and calls all the shots. And just so you know: the boss walks on four legs.

That said, owning one of these creatures, or having it as a pet comes with a few responsibilities, not least of which is providing cat litter.

Your friends may call it “That Cat Smell”. They’re not talking about the cat-cats are pretty clean by themselves-they are talking about the cat litter.

There are few things as attention grabbing as what emanates from the litter box; and leaving that odour to waft through your house, mingling with the other stuff is the last thing you want to do.

Of course everybody already knows this…the real question is what to do about it.

A lot, actually. But it is worth saying here and now that there is no such thing as the perfect cat litter that can control odour. There are just great cat litters (preferably, one that your cat likes) and then there are great cat litter habits!

Put these two together, and your shoulders will square up with pride when your friends see your cat without smelling it. No more cat smell!

Best Cat Litter for Odour

Great Cat Litter brands that do well in the battle against cat smell are those that are clay based, and clump nicely. Don’t get me wrong-there are others that do quite well! But on average, you should go with clay clumpers if you are just starting out, or are really desperate and don’t have the time for detailed research. 

Great Cat Litter Habits

1. Replace your litter at least twice a week.

2. Replace the litter box once a year.

3. If you and your cat have a preferred cat litter but one that does not quite cut it on the front lines, get a deodorant-a good one.

4. Leave the litter box in a well ventilate area, rather than in confined spaces.

5. Scoop the litter box as early and as frequently as you feel necessary.