The Truth About Liposuction Procedures

Liposuction is the cosmetic surgery procedure to remove excess fat from the body. But what happens to the fat tissues after surgery? Liposuction is a process to remove excess fat from the body. The earlier liposuction procedures were unsuccessful. The first successful liposuction was performed in the year 1920 to a ballet dancer from France, Mademoiselle Geoffre. The promising figure of the dancer attracted much attention. But the results were alarming. The place where the surgery was performed was contaminated by gangrene and it lead to the amputation of the legs and eventually the death of the dancer.

Men and women in Midland opt for liposuction to attain a promising figure. Liposuction midland clinics are becoming highly popular. It would be interesting to learn that liposuction is not just for humans but also for domesticated animals like dogs and cats. The terminology kittyplasty or doggyplasty are used for celebrity pets of Mike Tyson, Paris Hilton and Elton John. The liposuction works to enhance the looks of their pets.

The fat removed is a medical waste. The scientists are inventing newer ways of using the fat beneficially. The fat removed can be used to fuel an engine and to source the stem cells. It can also be used to grow blood vessels and bones. Modern liposuction is a safe procedure but it cannot be devoid of side effects. Under normal conditions about 5 litres of fat is removed. This is considered a safe threshold. There are other liposuction procedures that can extract upto 30 litres.

Statistics on liposuction In the United States alone around 330,000 liposuctions were performed every year. This goes to say that the amount of fat removed every can fill Olympic pool roughly 2.5 million litres if an average of 4 litres is removed it means 1.32 million litres are removed in a year. So for two years it would be 2.64 million litres. Liposuction is used equally by men and women, particularly in countries like China. In Europe, the ratio is 1:10 for men versus women. Whereas, Egyptian men do not opt for liposuction.

Cost of liposuction procedure In Europe, liposuction costs 100 to 8,000 euros. In countries like Germany and Switzerland the cost is even higher. If you are looking for affordable liposuction, visit Lithuania, Romania or Poland. The cost depends on the characteristic of the individual and the body parts where the fat is accumulated.

Target body parts for liposuction The favorite areas where liposuction can be conducted include arms, thighs, hips, buttocks, breasts, neck, cheeks and abdomen. For men, love handles, chin, abdomen, neck and breasts are the favorite locations for liposuction.

Latest Technologies in liposuction The advent of latest technologies in liposuction comes as an advantage for those who did not qualify for liposuction through traditional methods. The new methods include cryoliposis and radiofrequency. In these methods physical force is used to destroy the fat cells. It helps in flattening the skin. These above mentioned procedures are micro invasive and is safe. Though, the question remains if it can remove large amounts of fat from the body tissues.