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  • Cooler Buying Tips For Your Next Camping Trip

    Next time when you plan an outdoor trip make sure you carry a cooler with storage facility especially if you are on a summer tour. It is the best way to ensure your food and beverages are kept fresh throughout your trip. If you are carrying perishable food like meat, fruits, salad, dairy, fish, etc. it is important to have them preserved to avoid food poisoning. For a first time buyer, it could be confusing with the abundant choice of coolers flooded in the market. igloo maxcold cooler for summer has been reviewed positively by fitness freek on The cooler is sure to make your trip successful. Again a cooler needs to purchase depending on the requirements of the buyer. There are popular brands and models available, so make your choice wisely.

    Cooler types Basic coolers are available for overnight trips, and these can keep your food and beverages fresh and safe for consumption, but it needs to be insulated. There are two types of insulated coolers, those made of hard plastic or synthetic fabric. The cool environment is created using ice packs, and the insulation holds the ice for long. There are electric coolers that can keep the contents cool without using ice.

    Hard plastic cooler These are also called ice chests. It is made of molded plastic and is strong and long lasting. They are available in varied sizes. For refrigerating large quantities of food and beverages, use an oversized cooler. It comes with strong insulated lids and handles made of plastic to make it easy to carry. Large coolers often come with wheels or trolley to make them it mobile. There is a plug at the base to empty the melted ice at regular intervals.

    Strong synthetic fabric cooler These are otherwise known as collapsible cooler or bag cooler. These can carry only fewer items. Fabric cooler is made of synthetic canvas material to hold the cooling. It is insulated with a foam layer. These lightweight coolers are easy to carry and highly portable. It is perfect for a small lunch. Once the work is done, they can be folded and stored easily. Though it may not be durable as plastic and is preferred for day trips.

    Styrofoam cooler The cooler is a simple box with a Styrofoam cover. It is lightweight and not sturdy. It is cheap and can be used for camping and outdoor adventure. These are not durable and wear out with regular use.

    Electric cooler A cooler with an electrical output that can be plugged into your car battery socket is a great way to keep food cool for long. It works like a refrigerator and can be used to keep food and drinks cool for long. These are expensive and highly durable. It saves the hassle of refilling ice. The cooler can just be plugged into an electric socket, and your food stays cool and fresh.

    While buying a cooler make sure you get your specifications right. The coolers are available varied sizes, cooler and durability.