How To Be Safe While Using A String Trimmer

Imagine this – after a lot of deliberation, it is finally decided to clear a portion of the backyard to plant a few ethnobotanicals, plants that have medicinal value. With detailed research, a string trimmer was brought to hack away the area of the lawn and ready it for planting. You even bought the husqvarna 128ldx attachments to ensure every leaf and blade was cleared away. You studied and explored to decide which plants would be most useful to you and how to plant and grow them. Now the time comes actually to use the string trimmer, and you have no idea how to use safely. This article will give tips and tricks to be safe and protected while using a string trimmer to mow a lawn.

The first and most obvious thing to do even before putting the trimmer to grass is to check the ground that needs to be trimmed thoroughly. Mark the portion of the garden you want to clear. Then check it for small objects like pebbles, metal rods, pieces of glass. These objects may seem harmless but can turn into small missiles if they get caught in the line of the string trimmer that causes a world of hurt.

Begin work with the assumption that you would not have cleared the ground completely. There would be small pebbles that are overlooked. These little stones, when thrown by the trimmer, can fly far and strike car's, windows and walls where they may chip paintwork or crack the glass. The best thing to do here is to try avoiding clearings areas near a car or windows. If that is not possible, try to angle the trimmer in such a way the debris flies away from breakable things. This will prevent a lot of damage like breaking of car or house windows.

Another issue with debris that flies when caught in the trajectory of the trimmer is that it can hit bystanders. This happens especially if the lawn or yard is on high ground. The debris in such case will have a slope that can reach eye level of a person walking by. So if there is a passerby, let them walk away from your surrounding area before using the trimmer. If you are already working, pause while they move away. If children are playing, ask them to move to another place. Remember chances are people around you will be hit by debris more than you.

The last thing one should do while trimming or moving a lawn is to wear protective clothing. Sandals are a no go, wear safety shoes that have steel covered toes and shoes that protect the feet from everything like nails and glass. Wear an overall, not shorts while trimming, naked skin is very vulnerable to debris no matter how small. Protecting the eyes is one of the most important factors while using a string trimmer. Always cover them with goggles better yet wear a visor that covers and protects the entire face from any debris and grit that gets thrown your way.