Putting Salt In Your Pool

There are some basic ploys and mantras which all the people who are involved in the business of salt pool should follow at all times in order to get the outcome they desire. Most people also tend to ask questions related to the quantity of salt that they should add, the time of the year when they should add salt to the pool and some questions of a similar sort. If you want to add salt to a 16x48 pool, then you must know how many gallons in a 16x48 pool. The basic thing that must be at the back of your mind when you are going to add salt to a pool is that the quantity of salt which is added to the pool must be as per its volume.

But the volume of water present in the pool when you are about to add salt to the pool must also be kept in mind in order to decide upon the exact quantity of salt to be added. The thing is that dissolving the salt in an even manner all around the pool is also very important in order to fulfil all the purposes which are associated with adding salt to the pool. The other methods that need to be opted for in dissolving the salt in the pool must also be taken care of. Experts will always tell you to make sure that salt is never added to the shallow end of any pool at any time of the year. Add salt to the deeper portion of the pool.

The machines that generate chlorine in the pool should also be kept switched off when you add salt to your pool at any given time. It is true that switched off generators will make your job pretty easy. You must add salt when no people are swimming in the pool.